For Nearly Thirty Years...

In case you missed it, Joe has a new article at Big Government that takes a hard, no-nonsense look at what has happened to Ohio during the nearly thirty years Marcy Kaptur has been representing this great state.


The legacy of Rep. Kaptur’s liberal policies, speaks for itself: dramatically increased poverty and a crushing debt of epic proportions has become the “new” American way. But this is not the America where we were raised, and it’s not the America we should settle for.

As Joe says in the Big Government article:

This liberal Democratic train wreck which is bankrupting the nation and bloating the size of the federal government must be stopped come November. She no doubt has her heart in the right place, but Marcy Kaptur is just on the wrong end of what needs to be done to actually fix the problems of our economy.  She says she wants to be a voice of working men and women in Ohio, I’m saying she’s already had her chance.

Thirty-years worth.

Marcy Kaptur has had her shot, and she’s come up short. It’s time for new eyes and new ideas. It’s time to clean up the mess. It’s time to send a plumber to Washington to unclog the pipes and clean this crap up.

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